Launched in 2004, Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future is a forty-year initiative of Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity.


According to the United States Census Bureau, by the year 2042 the United States will become a “majority minority” nation. In May 2012, the Census Bureau announced that births of children of color outnumbered white children for the first time since European settlers outnumbered Native Americans in the 1800s. Minorities accounted for 59% of Vermont’s population growth in the 2010 census. These trends are relevant to Vermonters and will greatly impact our state’s next generations. These demographic shifts will bring with them pressures for change in long-held social mores and expectations. These demographic changes also bring with them unexplored economic opportunity.

Our mission to institutionalize diversity, inclusion, and equity practices is intentionally broad and far-reaching as we prepare communities to recognize and act on the inherent benefits and challenges of a more multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural Vermont.

Vermont’s long-term economic future will be determined by our ability to identify, attract, provide service beyond expectations, and retain business from consumers of color on a massive scale. We believe that Vermont must position itself as the most desirable destination for consumers and investors of color be they outdoor enthusiasts, college students (and their parents), family tourists, conventioneers, entrepreneurs, or venture capitalists.


Training, Consulting, and Coaching

In addition to organizing the Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future Conferences, Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity also provides Training, Consulting, and Coaching Services which implement our vision.

We are a relationship-oriented nonprofit and consulting service with a track record of over two decades providing expert training and coaching to Northern New England and upstate New York. Our work strengthens inclusive and equitable practices in businesses, state and municipal government, school districts, and communities-at-large as a means to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.

VTPFD is a proven, effective resource that leaders turn to for support related to inclusion, diversity, and equity in the public sphere. Our partners are changing institutional policies and practices to respond more effectively to Northern New England’s changing cultural landscape and economic opportunities in the broader multicultural marketplace.


Cultural Enrichment Programs

Vermont educators have brought Vermont Partnership’s Cultural Enrichment Programs to over forty elementary, middle school, and high schools across the state.

…we look for programs to challenge the thinking of our students, we look to expand the student’s worldview, and we have found the programs of the Vermont Partnership a good fit. Vermont Partnership has been an important part of the students and staff of MSJ being able to define themselves as a connected community.

Carrie Savage, International and Diversity Coordinator for Mount St. Joseph (MSJ) Academy in Rutland, Vermont.

All classroom programs are compatible with Common Core Standards as well as the Civil/ Social Responsibility Standards of the Vermont Framework. Students learn the fundamentals of cultural humility and skills for building inclusive school communities.


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